3 Face Poet is a proud native of Detroit Michigan's west side. The name "3 Face Poet', is derived from 3 names: "Sam", his given name, "Sleepy" his childhood nickname, and "Shemswhetep" from his association with the Kemet/Egyptian community. All who know 3 Face, know that he is a LOVER of the written and spoken word.

Having fallen "in love" with hip hop in the 1980's, 3 Face began free-styling in 1995 at Detroit's infamous "Hip Hop Shop." Reeling from that experience, 3 Face expanded his craft from free-styling to writing poetry in 1999. By 2005, The 3 Face Poet took to Detroit's spoken word stages, and has been on the move perfecting and presenting his art to hungry crowds.

3 Face has performed on many of Detroit's stages including: Nandi's Knowledge Cafe, They Say Bar & Grill, Always Brewing Coffee House, 1917 American Bistro, B.A.M, Locker Room Lounge, The Mix, American Bistro and Central Park Grille. More recently, 3 Face has performed at Apache Cafe in Atlanta, GA, and has become a resident performer in Pontiac, Michigan's Yaktown Poets Revue.